How To Play

Game Objective/Goal

The primary objective of Heard It All Before is to identify:

  1. One or more original songs sampled within a song
  2. One or more songs that were sampled from the original song


The first team to score 20 points wins the game round. 

 How To Play Your Turn:

Step 1.  

Choose a team captain. This team member is responsible for holding the game card, searching for the song, and letting the team know what song will be played. The team captain cannot participate in guessing the answers. 

Step 2. 

Choose one of the four-game cards:

  1. Original Card (Name one or more songs that sample this song)
  2. Sample Card (Name original song used within this song)
  3. Mystery Card (Mystery chance to play an original or sample card)
  4. Bonus Card (Pull this one-time card to earn 5 points and catch up with your opponent)

 Step 3. 

Tell your team the name of the track and artist you listed on the card. Tell them the number of seconds they have to guess one or more answers. Example: “This is a 30 second Original Card. The song I’m about to play is {track name} by {artist).”

Step 4. 

The team captain plays the song for the allotted time limit listed on the card. (30/60 seconds) The team members have to attempt to answer with at least one corresponding track name and artist within the allotted time limit.

Important Note: Each game card has between 1 to 3 popular answers listed at the bottom of the card. We include the songs for player convenience. However, if a team member names a song that is not already written on the card, they insist that it is correct; The opposing team must allow the playing team to verify that answer and earn points for the answer. 

Step 5.

Keep a record of the number of points you earned per correct answer. 


  1. Original Cards = 2 points per answer
  2. Sample Cards = 4 points per answer
  3. Mystery Cards = 2 or 4 points per answer depending on which type of card is revealed 
  4. Bonus Cards= 5 points (These can only be played once per round, so choose wisely) 

 STEAL : If your team does not score any points during a play, the opposing team can “steal” 1 point by answering with a track and artist from the card that you just played.

Supplies/Materials Needed

  • Google or internet browser to verify information if necessary 
  • Smartphone (recommended) 
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Heard It All Before is a game that requires at least one smartphone. Since the game involves listening to songs, there are three ways to play music for your team. 

  1. Scan the QR code on each Heard It All Before game card to directly link to the track in one of the following services:
    1. Apple Music
    2. Spotify
    3. Tidal
    4. YouTube
  2. Use the search feature in your preferred streaming service to look up a song on a card.
  3. Use the search feature in your preferred internet browser to look up a song on a card.