You know the songs behind the songs. Put your knowledge to the test.

Heard It All Before is a game for hip hop and soul fanatics. You know the song behind the song. You know the story behind the story. Stop judging the party playlist and play this game instead.

“What I love about this game is that it’s not only fun and challenging, but it also makes you reminisce about memorable moments in your life and how music impacted it. An awesome game for bonding with friends and family of all ages."

Cheron P.

"This game is on point! A mix of popular black music genres, tech, partying, bragging rights..on your fave songs..for the producer and dj within you...let's you see who really knows the vibes."

Kyle D.

Our New Series: Sample Stories

Music is universal; it connects us all. And sampling is a part of music that makes this even stronger by taking sounds from different genres or generations of the same genre and putting them together in new, unexpected ways.

Traditionally, the main focus on sampling has always been on the stories about the creative choices made in sampling, rather than the effect that those choices have on listeners.

Our series, Sample Stories, uses human stories to capture the impact that sampling has on us all, and the universal threads it creates, connecting our memories and emotions to one another.